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Mega joker

Mega joker novomatic

Mega joker will give you a lot of fruit symbols which give a lot of fun and big wins. An online game that gives a sweet and fresh game theme. Games that have fruit symbols that are always present for bettors. This time the mega joker game does not provide free spins and bonus games.

Not getting additional free spins and jackpots actually makes bettors want to try playing the game by finding similar symbols to form wins. There are 5 reels that always accompany the bettor every time they play. Collect symbols and use moves to get 40 game payouts.

Game info and symbols

Cadenapeco – The high value that bettors can take home can be x2000. The value is high enough not to be taken home. In the game system, if the bettor places a very high bet value, he will get a high value as well. So put as high a value as possible and get as many coins as possible. If you want to know the symbol and want to know how much value the bettor will get, you can press the [ I ] logo. The logo will invite bettors to enter and see a lot of information listed on the logo, the [ I ] sign on the mega joker in the form of game info.

The symbols on the mega joker are as follows: joker, star, watermelon, orange, lemon, grape, strawberry, guava, plum, and number 7. Joker which can replace all symbols except scatter. Getting a wild of the same kind can give a high number value. Of all the symbols that give little value to the sweet fruit.

Victory game

The Joker does form an unexpected value. But the number 7 is also a symbol that gives a lucky value to the bettor. Scatter sign that appears most often anywhere and can also provide a value. Scatter does not follow the rules of the game, winnings can appear anywhere with 3 stars or more will be given a coin value of thirty-two thousand times the value of the bet that the bettor gets.

joker and fruit//combination value

Still lacking the value that the bettor gets can be done by increasing the value of the bet and the bettor will get high coins. How to increase the bet can be easy to do. Look at the game screen at the bottom and bettors will find [ +] and [ – ]. This sign will help the bettor choose the bet value that the bettor wants.

Additional games increase the value

Still curious about the logo at the bottom of the mega joker game screen, bettors can see that there is a gamble written which is an additional game from mega joker. In additional games, the bettor will get more value by successfully guessing the color of the game card. If the guess is correct, you will immediately get a value.

An extra bet that can increase the value of the bet that the bettor gets. With an extra bet, every symbol that has a value will get a double value. If you want to play the mega joker game, the bettor must prepare cash to be able to place a game bet. Real money bets will give you an exciting winning value.

There is also an automatic game game that makes bettors do not need to press the start button.. The game in the mega joker game round will be faster. Each symbol value formed will give the best results. Bettors are just waiting. The presence of automatic games will make it easier for bettors to win and get a high chance of winning.