Impera link book of ra magic

Impera link book of ra magic

Coming back with impera link a game that combines with other games. This time, impera will collaborate with the game book of ra magic. An Egyptian themed game with some hidden treasures in Egypt. Maybe for those who like treasure adventure, this game is a game level that looks ordinary.

But gamers make no mistake because the book of ra magic game itself has become a popular game among gamers. In addition to collaborating with impera link, this Egyptian-themed game has also become a game that is targeted by many gamers. The merging of the impera link in the book of ra magic gives a very good impression.

Exciting game variants

Cadenapeco – Making many gamers can get a high winning value, and an unmitigated jackpot value that gamers can get easily. The game that is the dream of gamers can feel an exciting adventure with game levels that have many variants of game symbols.

With many variants available, gamers have the opportunity to try playing games that are on a screen in the form of 5 rolls. Each reel will give gamers a fantastic win. Wins that can only be prepared in 10 game pay lines. Each line will give a value and gamers can feel the value of the coin.

Symbols and free spins

Not only coins that gamers will get but you will also get free spins and symbols that expand specifically will be randomly selected by the game impera link book of ra magic. In the game you will find various symbols with different values ​​such as book symbols, beetles, king pharaoh statues, winged human symbols, Indiana photos, coins and card symbols A to number 10.

jackpot book symbol//Magic

Books are the main symbol in the game impera link of ra magic. The book will be a wild symbol which can replace all symbols except coins. Wild will also give free spins if the gamer manages to get 3 or more symbols. 10 free spins gamers can use to get the jackpot value.

Jackpot win

There are 5 jackpots that gamers can use to increase the value. When getting coins more than 6 gamers will get a locked screen opportunity. The locked screen will rotate and match symbols if you get 1 coin then gamers will get 3 free spins. When the reels are full of coins that have a value or jackpot, the gamer wins the game.

Of the five jackpots, gamers will find the impera link logo. The logo on which it is based gets high marks. When you get to 5, gamers will get a big jackpot with a big value too. When getting 3 of the same book gamers will see the book is open and show a symbol that will get a special expansion.

Expanding symbol

If the 3 symbols indicated are the same during the free spins, then the symbols will expand to more and gamers get points. During the free spins, if the gamer gets another book symbol, the gamer will get an additional free spin and another choice symbol from the book. Thus the gamer’s chance to win is closer.

The game impera link book of ra magic can also be played in automatic mode. Screen system that rotates itself and will form a value. The rotating motion is fast so gamers don’t have to wait long to win.