How to Increase Sales on Tokopedia

Increase Sales

How to Increase Sales on Tokopedia

Everyone who sells online at Tokopedia certainly wants to have developments. Especially for sellers who already have a lot of stock in their stores. Even though there are many items that can be sold, it does not mean that buyers will buy all the items you sell. Because now many are selling, especially in Tokopedia, there are already many competitors. No wonder why your selling goods become competitors and have quality prices in increase sales

But in Tokopedia, this is not like other online selling applications, which have a low price to make sales. Because there are several things that need to be considered so that your sales increase at Tokopedia such as:


Cadenapeco – When you add a product you have to set a title. Where Tokopedia will provide a title opportunity of 70 characters. So that you provide the right keywords on Tokopedia, surely your product will appear at the top or not appear as a relevant product. Providing the right keywords is certainly not easy. So those of you who play on the title keyword then you have to check after the title has been created.


Using clear and eye-catching images, there are certainly a lot of enthusiasts or buyers who will buy it. Providing a picture that matches the title will definitely not disappoint the buyer, when the item will arrive at the buyer’s house. Because in Tokopedia there will be reviews that will be given so that it affects your store.

If you are confused about which image you will use, even though you are only a dropship seller, then you don’t need to be confused. In a google search, of course, there will be lots of pictures of the product you want. So it won’t bother you. If you are a real seller, it is better to use a picture according to the existing product, so that the picture is clearer.

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At Tokopedia, there are advertisements that you can run. Where these ads can be done automatically or manually. If the ad runs, there will be an opportunity for you so that the product you sell can sell well. If the ad is activated then every time a keyword is clicked by a searcher, your product will appear in the search.


At Tokopedia, there will be various promos that must be activated. Because every buyer is always after promo items. If there is an interesting promo, certainly not a few people make purchases. Promos at Tokopedia have store promos, followers and product promos. So you have to be good at managing the promo period. So that buyers always buy the goods you sell. But calculate everything in detail so that the items you sell during the promo don’t make you lose. Do a reasonable promo price so that buyers want to buy the product you are selling. If you provide an attractive price, the products that are sold will not be missed and of course the interest will continue to grow.

5.Shop Decoration

Make your shop as beautiful and attractive as possible, if you want your shop to be ogled. Who doesn’t want their shop to be noticed? Surely every seller wants his shop to be ogled so that sales occur. To organize your shop decorations, go to the seller’s settings or ask for help at the Tokopedia help center. You can do shop decorations if all your products are already installed at attractive prices. But if you haven’t installed shop decorations, visitors are less interested and are still in the assessment period.

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