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How the “God Save the Queen” by Sex Pistols song was released

This track is popular and important in the music world. There are many reasons for that – it influenced the whole genre, it was politically energetic, and the lyrics were actual for many people. The energy of the track is still working nowadays. 

Recording of “God Save the Queen” by Sex Pistols

Punks decided to borrow the name from the national anthem of Great Britain (although at first, they wanted to name the song “No Future”). In its lyrics, they actually called the queen a fascist and allowed themselves other unflattering comments about her. The release of the single “God Save the Queen” had problems. Recording companies refused to cooperate with a band that had even earlier managed to earn a dubious reputation. EMI Records refused them too. A&M Records released twenty thousand God Save the Queen records, but after a few days, terminated the contract and destroyed almost the entire circulation. However, the track found its way to the second place in the UK singles charts. Download free songs online to get the energy from the best music.

Virgin Records turned out to be the most desperate recording company, that agreed to work on the single. But the problems with the Sex Pistols continued. Workers of the company, which was supposed to make records, staged a strike because of the abuse of the queen. To reassure them, the company even had to redo the cover, making it less offensive to “true patriots.” Many leading retail chains refused to distribute the single. Anyway, it became a bestseller. 

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