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A Detailed Review of Family Mart

Online pharmacies are a new way of buying drugs. Choosing a reliable one is a challenging task, but it’s possible. Today we’ll review Family Mart in different aspects. If you get lost in a variety of online stores with drugs, this article will be useful.

Usability of the website

The first thing one will see is the website itself. It should be convenient and allow to find all the necessary information and products in a few clicks. This site is divided into the following sections: Brand, Ordering, News and Contact us. On the right, there’s a list of the most popular products. At the end of the page, there’ll be links to the blog, pricing policy, family healthcare and details and reviews on some pills.

The range of products

Family Mart is focused on family products that’s why customers will find a wide variety of drugs. They sell many options for men with erectile dysfunction, drugs for stomach, asthma and allergy, remedies for anxiety and sleeping disorder, and also antibiotics. So medications for all members of the family can be bought in one place.

Prices and discounts

As this pharmacy is for family, it’s a must to have reasonable prices. To decrease your expenses they have discounts – everybody gets 10% off for every order by pasting a special code published on the main page. Also, there are special offers which depend on a season or manufacturers. For example, now there’s a special offer for Cialis and Viagra. Besides that, everyone who orders ED pills receives some more for free. Note that there’s a minimum amount of order. Depending on how often you use the website it varies from $3 to $5.

Shipping details

This family pharmacy sends orders worldwide. It means that if your doctor prescribes some rare pills, you can get them wherever you live. If your order costs at least $150 – the shipping will be free. Plan the shopping and unite with friends and relatives to save money on delivering process. Create a little more expensive order and get free insurance for everything you’ve bought. A necessary sum is $200. To save time choose an express option. It’ll be also free if an order costs at least $300. This is useful if you need drugs right now. All orders are to be confirmed before the shipping. If one doesn’t make a confirmation in 5 days, an order will be canceled. Notice that the order can’t be changed or adjusted after the confirmation.

Safety of the service

  • As a reliable shop, it represents the certificates which prove its high quality.
  • Every drug goes with an instruction as it must have according to the rules.
  • This store doesn’t allow to buy anything without a doctor’s prescription in the context of medical supplements which are sold only with it. Clients provide the shop with a copy of documents and only after that, the order goes to a shipping stage.
  • The website itself is SSL secured to provide visitors with high-level protection. This feature keeps all your personal data and doesn’t allow cybercriminals to use your credit card.
  • There are no doubtful drugs on the website. Only well-known brands are represented.
  • This store has been cooperating with manufacturers for a long time, and the working experience has reached 15 years.

Useful information and recommendations

The store writes and publishes articles devoted to the specific drugs. One will find reviews to Cialis and Viagra, experts’ opinion about a combination of alcohol and pills, doctors’ opinions and real patients’ reviews. After reading these posts, it’ll be easier to choose a dosage and the most suitable form of remedy.


As with any other modern shop, clients may pay not only with credit cards. The website allows buying drugs and paying for them with Diners Club, Amex, JCB, BTC and Western Union except for the usual Visa and MasterCard.


Anyone can ask any question by filling in a special form. You may wait for the answer in an FAQ section. Also, you can write an e-mail which is left and personally communicate with the owners. There are controversial points of view about online pharmacies. While one finds them great and time-saving, another claims they are illegal and do only harm. Of course, it’s only up to you, which view to join, but if you pay attention to such things as certificates and guarantees, your family will be safe and sound.

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